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What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is jewelry that is welded together using a special machine. This replaces the need for a clasp (clasp-less jewelry).


Can It Be Removed?

The chains applied during this process are thin enough to last but not thick enough to cause harm to the wearer in the event that it becomes caught on an object. If the jewelry needs to be removed for any reason, it can be removed with jewelry snips and re-welded if desired.  If anything should happen to the weld within 48 hours, we will re-weld at no charge.  Not responsible for lost jewelry.


Why Is Permanent Jewelry So Popular?

Since it is “permanent” there is no chance of you ever losing it

It is claspless so no more getting annoyed with your necklace clasp moving forward 

Saves time getting ready (you can skip putting on jewelry all together!)

No more fumbling one-handed with your bracelets The quality of metal is outstanding so you never have to worry about tarnish

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